This site has really grown out of my passion for history.  While I am sure someone else has said it much better than myself, I see no better window into understanding the current human condition than examining the collective history of our species.

Although I make no claim that everything you find on this website will withstand the most strenuous of academic examinations, it is my intent to present an academically credible narrative.  With that said, I may, on occasion stray into some of the more nebulous points of debate and offer musings which amount to little more than conjecture.  It is my intent to clearly delineate between the two whenever possible.

img_9202.jpgIn addition, I will strive to be diligent in noting source material(s) and historians whose work I have relied upon in my more formal blog posts.  With that said, I welcome anyone visiting this site to freely take what they will of my work with the single proviso that proper credit be assigned to the original author(s) and/or this website.

bis vincit qui se vincit

Pat Lowinger

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