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Patrick Lowinger holds a M.A. in Ancient and Classical History from American Military University (AMU) and B.S. in Microbiology (1993) from California State University, Long Beach.

The Death of the Roman Republic: Cicero’s Lamentations.

By Pat Lowinger The Roman Republic effectively ended on January 16, 27 BCE when the Roman Senate granted the title and commensurate powers of Augustus to Gaius Octavius, the adopted son of Julius Caesar.  Preceding the Empire, the last body … Continue reading

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The Tropaeum Traiani: Displaying Rome’s Preeminence in Stone.

By Pat Lowinger While I was onsite at this summer at Halmyris, I was fortunate enough to hear several interesting lectures on various aspects of the site and the history of the region.  While all of these presentations were extremely well-done, … Continue reading

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The Helmet of Cotofenesti: Examining Thracian Craftsmanship.

By Pat Lowinger Among the numerous treasures to be found at the Museum of Natural History in Bucharest, Romania is an ancient golden helmet dated to 4th through 3rd century BCE.  This helmet, known as the Helmet of Cotofenesti is … Continue reading

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Greetings From Romania!

Hi Everyone! Well, after a lengthy flight I have arrived in Romania!  The city of Bucharest is definitely a mix of old and new- like most of Europe.  I was fortunate to have already booked a hotel near the central … Continue reading

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The Pauline Epistles: Known and Suspected Forgeries.

By Pat Lowinger Within modern Christianity there remains pervasive misunderstandings regarding the date(s), authorship and transmission of various portions of the New Testament.  One of the most prolific New Testament authors was the Apostle Paul.  Of the fourteen Epistles credited … Continue reading

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“They Offered Him Wine-Vinegar”: Reexamining the Gospel Accounts of Jesus’ Last Drink.

By Pat Lowinger While the crucifixion of Jesus is not a historical surety, the anti-Roman biases which were pervasive in most early Christian literature are unquestionable.  But if we examine the culture and norms of Roman society, particularly those of the Roman military, … Continue reading

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The Muslim Conquest of Roman Syria, Part Two: The Systemic Failure of the Byzantine Military

By Pat Lowinger In Part One we examined several of the factors which had severely weakened the Byzantines in the century prior to the Arab invasion of Roman Syria.  These factors included a series of devastating plagues, severe economic stress and a war-weary military. The … Continue reading

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