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Patrick Lowinger holds a M.A. in Ancient and Classical History from American Military University (AMU) and B.S. in Microbiology (1993) from California State University, Long Beach.

Magical Flatulence: the Ancient (f)ART of Divination?

By Pat Lowinger I rarely find myself laughing out loud while conducting academic research.  This article reflects one of those rare occasions. I would like to thank Sarah Iles Johnston PhD for her insightful examination of ancient Greek divination in Ancient … Continue reading

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The Coinage of Augustus: Projecting Power and a Divine Lineage.

In antiquity, coinage not only served as an easily portable means of wealth, it also served as an important medium of propaganda.  Through powerful imagery and messaging it was not only possible to influence public opinion, it could wholly reshape it.  … Continue reading

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Of Gods, Kings and Men: the Coinage of Antiochus IV.

By Pat Lowinger For archaeologists, historians and numismatists ancient coins are much more valuable than their material composition might suggest. Whether found individually or within hordes, ancient coinage often fuels the impetus of the professional and amateur numismatist.  When discovered … Continue reading

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Diocletian: Forging the Byzantine Empire.

by Pat Lowinger Historians are often overly concerned with dates- which is understandable given the nature of their collective field of study.  Dates help to temporally organize significant events and eras into convenient timelines; facilitating the use of descriptive terminology such … Continue reading

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The Jews of Sparta: Diplomatic Origins of Religious Synchronization.

By Pat Lowinger Were the Spartans actually ancient Jews?  Of course not, but within the turbulent political period of the 2nd century BCE there appears to have been a desire to foster a Spartan-Israeli alliance.  In antiquity, as today, few … Continue reading

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The Death of the Roman Republic: Cicero’s Lamentations.

By Pat Lowinger The Roman Republic effectively ended on January 16, 27 BCE when the Roman Senate granted the title and commensurate powers of Augustus to Gaius Octavius, the adopted son of Julius Caesar.  Preceding the Empire, the last body … Continue reading

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The Tropaeum Traiani: Displaying Rome’s Preeminence in Stone.

By Pat Lowinger While I was onsite at this summer at Halmyris, I was fortunate enough to hear several interesting lectures on various aspects of the site and the history of the region.  While all of these presentations were extremely well-done, … Continue reading

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